Testimonial E

“I value honesty, which is why I trust Putney Mechanical. I had to purchase a Generac generator from a big box store. The installer that was employed by them was not working out. The store looked for someone else to install my generator. Ed came to the house to look at the location where I wanted to install the generator. I felt like Ed was well-educated, experienced in the field and knowledgeable about what my needs were. It was because of this that I switched to using Putney Mechanical for all of my electrical and plumbing projects. I felt Putney Mechanical was trustworthy; they always explained everything to me and were upfront when there were repairs that needed to be made. All of the employees seem to be detail-oriented, as they are all thorough and meticulous in their work. I would say that they are very client-focused, they care about the individual customer, and they always respond in a very timely manner.

I have used Putney Mechanical for several projects at my home in addition to the installation of the generator. The bill is always the same as the estimate unless I upgraded or added something to the project. Ed has always been able to make suggestions that would better align with the project or be more cost-effective. I would definitely recommend Putney Mechanical to any of my friends or family.”

– Susan G of Louisa, VA

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